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We work with organizations to institutionalize & improve management systems, business processes, products & services; solve problems; create value; maximize growth and improve overall business performance. During our seasoned professionals, We're ideally positioned to encourage your business with a wide selection of professional consulting solutions which can provide practical evaluation, strategic insights, and best practice recommendations aimed to satisfy the needs of your company.

  • Plan development;
  • Senior chief involvement;
  • Assessment of proficiency/readiness in regions and much more;
  • Building an inclusive workplace culture, and
  • Creating, reviewing, or localizing policies and procedures with worker well-being lens.

Consulting Services

Training & Project Facilitation

Training & Project Facilitation means a practice of intervention from the working environment to boost the efficiency and productivity of the group and also to reduce project failure. This procedure aims to guarantee achievement in delivery. It should lead to forming a well trained and skilled staff dedicated to the implementation of the accepted recommendations.

  • Strategy, BPD & DWM
  • Product Excellence
  • Process Excellence
  • CI, /LSS & Innovation
  • Business Analytics

Opex Implementation

Operational Excellence entails those crucial strategic activities which will facilitate consistent service or product quality shipping to a company's desirable customer base. With only associations not being the sole providers to clients, it's in their own very best interest to make sure that they're providing their service or product using a high standard. So as to be prosperous in an international world, organizations will need to place themselves in a situation where they're dominating.

  • Leanext Model
  • OEM Specific Model
  • TPM & TQM
  • Automotive QMS
  • Customized Models

Business Support

Business support providers become the most essential facet of companies from small to big businesses. Having a trusted business support process is showing a favorable picture of the small business or brand. It helps a company to control and solve the client's questions or ask correctly.

  • One-To-One Coaching & Mentoring
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Bottom Line Improvement
  • Product Design Improvement
  • Outsourcing of Support Functions

3P & Gemba Kaizen Events

3P (Production Preparation Process) is commonly viewed by lean specialists around the world among the most effective and innovative manufacturing tools, it is possible to enhance your lean techniques. It is a rigorous, structured procedure that enables organizations to concentrate on eliminating the prospect of waste through product and process layout.

When it may be somewhat overwhelming for someone just getting their heads wrapped around the slim methodology, 3P can, however, be advantageous to anybody who has successfully implemented lean procedures and is on the lookout for more.

  • Developing Model Line, Station, Machine
  • Safety Focused Kaizen Events
  • Quality Focused Kaizen Events
  • Delivery Focused Kaizen Events
  • Cost Focused Kaizen Events

Lean Facility Development

Lean Facility Design (LFD) is a special toolkit (methodology) that encourages organizations to construct the Best In Class mill design

This methodology is executed, guarantees the plant becomes efficient from Day ONE.

This methodology is appropriate for organizations that are inventing fresh plants, revising designs, or enlarging the present setup.

  • Layout & Process Planning
  • Lean Facility Design
  • LCA & Kara- Kuri
  • Jidoka & Poka- Yoke
  • IIoTs

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